Octogenarians and the 90s

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Meant to be a home full of warmth and love, “Sunshine House” was founded many years ago by a sweet woman, affectionately known as Grandma Lin (Wu Mian). Recognizing how important it was to have a place where the often overlooked and neglected elderly could live in peace, Grandma Lin always welcomed her residents with open arms and a friendly smile. But when she is diagnosed with late stage cancer, Grandma Lin has no choice but to entrust her beloved Sunshine House to her granddaughter, Ye Xiao Mei (Wu Qian). Picking up her grandmother’s mantle, Xiao Mei runs Sunshine House with the same warmth and love as her grandmother, caring for each resident as if they were her own family. Determined to breathe new life into the home, Xiao Mei takes on the arduous task of revamping and revitalizing, but not every resident is thrilled by these new changes. Taking on this new challenge with youthful determination, Xiao Mei knows she’ll win the residents over with time, but she soon has a bigger problem on her hands. A problem who goes by the name of Guo San Shuang (Bai Jing Ting). An unscrupulous salesman hoping to gain access to the nursing home in order to make easy money by selling medical supplies to the elderly residents, San Shuang settles his grandfather as a resident. But Xiao Mei can easily see what he’s up to and she has no plans to allow him to exploit her residents.  Though the two constantly butt heads, their youthful energy breathes new life into the home, bringing with it a chance to form new friendships, strengthen family bonds, and even inspire a little unexpected romance. A touching story of love and family, “Octogenarians and the 90s” is a 2021 romantic family life drama directed by Xu Ji Zhou and Yi Jun.