My Heroic Husband

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A prosperous entrepreneur in modern-day China is undercut by a business partner, who tells him that he will have to take his revenge against him in another life – and then has him brutally beaten. When he awakes, he has traveled back in time hundreds of years and now inhabits the body of a young man named Ning Yi (Guo Qi Lin). He soon discovers that he is engaged to be married into the family of a successful cloth merchant. He also learns that he will become a matrilocal husband, which will mean he must live with his wife’s family, rather than the other way around, as per traditional Confucian custom. At first, he is reluctant to go ahead with the marriage, and even attempts to escape. But when he meets his beautiful and charming fiancee Su Tan Er (Song Yi), he changes his mind, and the couple ties the knot. But marrying into this family has a wide range of consequences. He soon discovers that scheming rival business rivals and dangerous bandits are planning to undermine Su Tan Er’s family. He resolves to help his new wife, in-laws – and nation – by channeling his business acumen, knowledge of modern values...and his growing affection for Su Tan Er. This drama was based on a novel by Fen Nu de Xiang Jiao. “My Heroic Husband” is a 2021 Chinese drama series that was directed by Deng Ke.