The Good Detective

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Kang Do Chang (Son Hyun Joo) and Oh Ji Hyeok (Jang Seung Jo) both work as detectives in the busy South Korean city of Incheon, on the west coast. They could not be any more different: Kang Do Chang has been working in the force for some 18 years. He has powerful hunches and a network of contacts that helps him solve crimes. Oh Ji Hyeok, meanwhile, prefers to carefully examine all available evidence and use logic-based decision-making. He also likes to examine criminals’ psyches so he can second-guess law-breakers. One day, Kang Do Chang arrests a man he believes has committed an unspeakable murder. The man is tried and convicted – and then sentenced to death. But when Kang Do Chang looks back over the case file, he discovers a piece of evidence that appears to clear the now-convicted killer’s name. He teams up with Oh Ji Hyuk in a bid to get to the bottom of the matter: They may make for an unlikely partnership, but when they decide to work together, they find themselves able to crack even the most challenging of cases. Their paths also cross with that of Jin Seo Kyung (Lee Elijah), a newspaper reporter who is determined to unearth the truth of a case that might have political connections! “The Good Detective” is a 2020 South Korean drama series that was directed by Jo Nam Gook.