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Between Him and Her

Between Him and Her
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Between Him and Her


In their college days, campus sweethearts Jung Hyun Sung (Donghae) and Han Sung Ok (Lee Seol) fell madly in love with one another. They couldn’t imagine spending a day apart – and dreamed of launching successful careers that would complement one another as they spent forever in one another’s arms. Seven years later, reality has bitten – hard. The “seven-year itch,” they have learned, is a very real phenomenon. While Jung Hyun Sung has become the designer of his own hip fashion brand and Han Sung Ok is a jewelry designer, their careers are far from stellar. The eve of their seventh anniversary as a couple approaches, but the unthinkable has happened – they have become bored of one another. Where passion once lived, now resides only indifference and boredom. Things are about to come to a head – but could the spark return to their save the day? “Between Him and Her” is a 2023 South Korean drama series based on a webtoon by Hyeo No and directed by Park Sang Min.